Executive Summary

Our Vision:
To help progress the Druze community in Israel for the benifit of the Druze and the state of Israel

Why Now?
There is currently an identity crisis amongst the Druze population regarding their relationship to the state of Israel.
We founded the organization a year ago in an attempt to address this problem.
The crisis exists due to a lack of modern leadership, gaps in education and weak internal economis

How do we plan to make a change?
We are already making a change; we currently operate 12 different projects. All founded and operated by our members.
We targeted three areas of development:
(i)   Advocating leadership skills amongst the young,
(ii)  Building new communities, based in our members, for strengthening week communities and
(iii) Teaching Israeli society about the Druze population

Why Us?
We are an umbrella organization of more than 300 members, representing all Druze villages throughout the country.
We represent the young leadership of the community, and we are a group that combines the Druze unique tradition with the will to progress.
The Druze community is a small and tightly knit community. We have succeeded in recruiting influential members including:
The first IDF Druze combat pilot
The first woman who became a lecturer at the Haifa University
The first Druze Professor
Six chairmen of NGOs

Among our members are mant role models and we believe that they are the people who can make a change

Why are we looking for partners?
After a year on the ground, financed from monthly fee paid by members and based on out volunteers, we want to make our next step forward.
We are eager to find partners that would help us take the projects listed above to the next level

How does this relate to the Jewish cause?
The Druze have been fully dedicated to the building of the state, even prior to 1948. We see and act as partners in building and preserving this country.
However, there is a crisis in the status of the Druze community and this will no doubt have a detirmental effect to the state of Israel.
A solution to this crisis is vital for the well being of the state of Israel